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Why a Factory Trained Technician is Critical

What is a factory trained technician?  It is someone who has been trained directly by the manufacturer.  We have been trained by more manufacturer's than ANYONE else in the region.  This assures you that your machine will be repaired by an experienced technician using the latest gauges and diagnostic equipment.  Manufacturers supply factory repair centers like ours with the latest repair information, such as the availability of improved replacement parts, safety recalls, and usage suggestions that can minimize the need for costly repairs.

NOT using a factory trained technician can cause serious damage to your machine, especially when electronics are involved.  We use special anti-static grounding equipment so that your electronic equipment doesn't short out.  Regular static electricity that you generate from walking across a carpet can short out and ruin an electronic circuit board if this equipment is not used.  Factory trained technicians adjust and repair your machine to EXACT original manufacturer standards.  This ensures your machine will perform to your expectations.  Untrained technicians "ballpark" the adjustments or "get close enough".  This results in a loss of stitch quality, improper thread tension, broken thread and possible damage to your machine.